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[Mexican Nyan Cat] [Mexican Nyan Cat]

Rated 5 / 5 stars


is a palindrome.

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Bongo Instant Beard Bongo Instant Beard

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I'll take 20.

It's nice to see a nicely paced comedy piece that doesn't have constantly fast delivery of jokes.

Yes, fast delivery of jokes is funny but it gets old.
So this was definitely a nice change of pace.

Very nicely voiced and finely executed!
Loved the simplistic designs and smooth animation. :)

Great job overall.

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Dreamscape Dreamscape

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Beautifully Rendered

Now you have shown us what you can do.
You've got the necessary skills and the tools to make this beautiful voyage through different mediums of animation.
But can you now use these skills to convey a story?
Something that we the audience can follow through these beautiful imagery and nicely rendered backgrounds?

From the way you used the music and the progression of the complexity of these simulations, I can tell that you know how to convey mood. You also know how to follow a visual and aural climax.

I can't wait for you to put these new learned skills to good use for your future projects. Also I appreciate your use of some nice post rock there. :D

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Apples in the Tree Apples in the Tree

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Atmospheric Perfection. Beautifully Paced.

You would think that a game that doesn't give you an objective right from the beginning isn't gonna be that interesting... however...

With this game... you are more intrigued about the world you are suddenly presented with. What does this long legged girl have to do with Apples? What exactly is the world she's in like? It makes you want to explore. Makes you almost curious.

Then as you explore this unsettling and psychedelic landscape, you interact with a wide range of characters from the usual friendly greeters to the strange man on the roof who tells you of the strange things he's seem through his telescope. The hypnotic music also lulls you into a strange state of mind.

This game is ridiculously immersive and hauntingly sublime. You actions actually do have some sort of consequence and the good things you do make you wonder whether if it's worth doing them at all.

Oh but the game continues to surprise and entertain with the 4 dreaming mini-games with fantastic music selections and a sense of fun, humor and strangeness that dreams should have.

I'm still wondering about the full meaning of the apples to the Long Legged girl and the "towns people." But it's that kind of opened endedness that stays with you and man is it so well executed here.

Roman Dirge, Jhonen Vasquez, and Tim Burton are definite influences I can tell but you've used your influence to enhance the game's "creepy" design to make the game entirely your own.

As much as I had a bit of trouble adjusting to the "physics" of this game and the controls, that didn't do anything to chip away from the amount of excitement and wonder I had when I played this game.

Congratulations on this beautiful piece of interactive flash gaming.
I hope you continue to put as much passion, effort, and sweat into your works because the pay off is astounding.

(PS: Is my username appearing in the credits purely coincidental? o_o)

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A Sabtastic Sketchbook 2 A Sabtastic Sketchbook 2

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Awesome art.

That was a very clever way to present your awesome drawings.
it's definitely something that should be included in your portfolio. (You probably already did but just sayin')
I also liked your commentary on a lot of the pages. :)

Your sketchbook of awesome drawings make me envious of your quick illustration skills and colors skills... (and your grasp of the human figure and its proportions) It also reminds me to draw a lot more in my own sketchbook.

Great job. :D

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Fear Unlimited Full Edit Fear Unlimited Full Edit

Rated 5 / 5 stars


this is the first game that I actually had fun with...
this game is awesome!
the graphics, the gory-ness and uh... the moves that the character does... everything was incredibly good...
newgrounds need more games like this one

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fishman fishman

Rated 5 / 5 stars


That's an intensely well designed fish monster.
And those are some intense eyes.
As mentioned before I'm loving the kind of tense atmosphere you expressed in this piece.

Great job.

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firecrunch firecrunch

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Assuming that this is a piece of traditionally done piece, inking and coloring in each of those individual plant things must have taken you a long, long time!

The bold lines in your ink work makes sure that we can tell apart from each of the objects in this picture. A bit crowded feeling but the composition is nicely executed.

Liking the stoner creature's facial expression. :)

UnderARock responds:

thanks for the review,yeah it did take a while haha
glad you noticed about the lines of each bud too thats cool.

Blue Tiger Head Portrait Blue Tiger Head Portrait

Rated 5 / 5 stars


You certainly are a master of pastels.
Looked at all three of your tiger pastel drawings. But this one stands out to be your best one for some reason. Its probably because of the cool lighting choice you did with this one. Really captures the essence of a tiger deep in the woods in the middle ofthe night. Great job yet again.